SYPO values every detail to perfection. Development capabilities combine with plastic injection practices to complete customers' optical system components.
Design Integration

Design Integration/ 01

With optical-mechanical-electrical integrated design to reach customers' requirements.

Ultra Precision Machining

Ultra Precision Machining/ 02

SYPO has 6 Ultra Precision Machining machines to meet all the high specifications.

Optical Coating

Optical Coating/ 03

Based on different applications, we can design any reflectance/ transmittance for different wavelength.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding/ 04

With 136 injection machines, SYPO has large capacity and fast response

Glass Polishiing

Glass Polishiing/ 05

Focusing on high specification application, like aerospace lens.

* * * *
ABOUT USIntegrity, Accountability and Dedication


SYPO was established in 1998. The goal of SYPO is to supply perfect optical systems to our customers. To complish this, SYPO integrates a complete manufacturing system in-house, including optical desing, ME/EE/ system design, mold design, injeciton molding, glass lens polishing, optcal coating, finished-product assembly and quality control.


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